Interview with Dr. Niels Harrit

Dr. Niels Harrit: No. I absolutely do not like to speculate beyond the data. We insist on a criminal investigation of the crime. No investigation has been carried out yet. What exactly do you want to achieve with your work on Nano Thermite and 911?

Dr. Niels Harrit: The truth. Why did almost no news portals, TV stations or even scientific journals except some conspiracy websites report about your results?

Dr. Niels Harrit: Ask them! How do you deal with people calling you a “stupid conspiracy theorist”?

Dr. Niels Harrit: Shrug my shoulders. They are going to come down. I am an anti-conspiracy theorist. The only conspiracy theory worth dealing with is the official conspiracy theory – the one with Osama Bin Laden and the 19 hijackers. Now, ain’t it stupid to believe the official conspiracy theory without having been presented one single piece of evidence? Who are the fools? Is it true that somebody in your team lost his job because of your common examination? And if yes, how could that happen?

Dr. Niels Harrit: No, not yet. But some of them lost their jobs before that!! Why did they lose their job? Linked to the work on 911? Who kicked them out then and why?

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