Interview with Dr. Niels Harrit

Dr. Niels Harrit: Yes. We have prepared it ourselves, since there have been some scientific publications and conference reports. It performs as expected. But it is not exactly the same variety as the stuff we have found in the WTC dust. Can Nano Thermite be prepared by a university without any OK from government officials? It is a very dangerous substance, so that it might fall under assault weapons law?

Dr. Niels Harrit: Nanothermite is quite safe to handle. All the known programs (in US) are funded by military funds and secret. See this, which only covers what was know at the time of writing.

A big part of the Pentagon budget is secret. This part is up to 60 billions e.g. this year. Why did no bomb sniffing dog bark?

Dr. Niels Harrit: All the bomb sniffing dogs were sent home by the security company two weeks before. Furthermore, they are trained on conventional explosives which smell rather characteristically. Did anybody who is not involved in the Truther movement double-check your studies? Like independent blasters or producers of Nano Thermite?

Dr. Niels Harrit: The paper was peer-reviewed as it is routinely done with scientific publications. Who did this peer-reviews? Can you explain at least which kind of people it has been? Officials from your university?

Dr. Niels Harrit: The referees are anonymous. They are not officials from my university. No one at my university knows more about this than I do. The University is not responsible for the research. Only the authors are. Nano Thermite is both an explosive and a substance for welding?

Dr. Niels Harrit: No. Welding is performed with conventional thermite. Everyone can buy it. It is not an explosive. It only produces hot, molten iron. Do you have any theory who placed the substance in the towers? Could it be the company “Controlled Demolition” whose president Mark Loizeaux openly denies the existence of Nano Thermite, although he is an expert on demolition? His company came up with a clean up plan for Ground Zero shortly after the collapse. People accuse him to have taken down the WTC.

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