Interview with Dr. Niels Harrit

Dr. Niels Harrit: All this is accurately accounted for in the paper. Is it right that Steven Jones organised the samples? Steven Jones is known as an absolute believer in the 911 conspiracy and folks out there do not step back from accusing him of mixing the dust of with explosives to finally bring the “proof” for the controlled demolition.

Dr. Niels Harrit: This is an absolute insult to an honest scientist. Furthermore, it is a stupid question, in as much as we are anti-conspiracy theorists. We oppose the official conspiracy theory. That’s all. How do you make 100% sure that the dust you analyzed was not altered, or anybody mixed it up with Nano Thermite before you analyzed it?

Dr. Niels Harrit: See next question. OK. Did you compare the dust samples to samples you did not get from Steven E. Jones?

Dr. Niels Harrit: Yes. I have two samples in Copenhagen which were sent to me directly from the collectors, and they contained the chips as well. There is a handful of other scientists who can bring the same testimony.

Dr. Niels Harrit: I believe there are about 20 samples out there, but I don’t know exactly and I have no reason to care. How come that you were chosen to examine the dust?

Dr. Niels Harrit: I am part of the team. I was invited to join. If you gross it up, how much Nano Thermite was laying around in Lower Manhattan after the collapse?

Dr. Niels Harrit: Very, very difficult to put an absolute number on that. Let us say 10 tons.

It was not prepared in a cave in Afghanistan Is it possible for terrorists to get hold of this material? It’s such a special material, so that only people from inside the US army could get hold of it. Where can Nano Thermite be bought? Can normal people buy it as well? Or only companies / military?

Dr. Niels Harrit: This stuff has only been prepared under military contracts in the USA and probably in bigger allied countries. This is secret military research. Do your own guess work and read Kevin Ryan’s article on this subject. It was not prepared in a cave in Afghanistan. How does Nano Thermite differ from Thermite and Thermate? What is the special function? Who does normally use Nano Thermite and for which purposes is it used?

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