YouTube User Barry Soetoro’s Crisis Actor Videos

New on our YouTube channel, YouTube user Barry Soetoro’s 3-part video showing the re-casting of a crisis actor.

If you don’t know what a Crisis Actor is, it is an actor that is used to perpetrate a hoax. It’s not clear whether these Crisis Actors do this because they are paid well or if they are under some sort of threat. Regardless, that is what they do.

In this case, this crisis actor plays the “father” of a victim in the Sandy Hook shooting, and also plays a SWAT team member in the same shooting.

Watch Part 1 here:

Part 2 on the next page.

Orlando Florida Pulse Shooting – Fake Doctors

Look at this terrible acting…

These doctors are clearly fake. A helmet can’t be “wound[ed]”. A real doctor would know this. Did the helmet start bleeding when it got wounded? Did the heart rate of the helmet rise? Get out of here.

The fake doctor then says “had a normal…. (pause)…. basically exam”. Normal doctors don’t talk like this. Normal doctors make a lot more sense than this guy is making. A real doctor would at least tell you what kind of tests were done. Was there a neurological or a cognitive exam? Was a CT scan or MRI scan done? These are the most basic tests that a doctor would do following a concussion.

Surviving a bullet to the head is serious. You’d definitely be concussed after that.

This is just ridiculous.